Technical support
 KLH coupling method
 We use MBS activation KLH, so will the carrier protein (KLH) above freedom - SH and peptides at the end of the side chain of Cys - SH, this method directly, high specificity, and stable, usually choose crosslinking on one end of the immunity is not important. EDC activated carrier - COOH, - COOH and polypeptide of the carrier NH2 connect is a feasible method. But we only suggest have multiple Cys in peptide sequence by using this method. If peptides containing multiple - COOH or - NH2 gene, using this method is not recommended, because can cause more crosslinking points, the polypeptide structure is affected. Common carrier protein besides KLH and BSA and OVA, such as KLH advantage is that it does not interfere with the ELISA and Western Blot experiments, etc.
 KLH coupling causes turbidity of the solution
 KLH is a big and protein aggregation. Because of its structure and size, it is very limited solubility in water, therefore is emulsion, this does not affect its immunity, the cloudy solution can be directly immune animals.
 Polypeptide protein coupling
 For immune response in animals, most of the peptide molecular weight are too small. Peptides and carrier protein coupling, such as KLH can not only increase the size of the antigen, can strengthen immunity. We can provide with KLH, BSA and OVA protein coupling. Most customers choose and KLH crosslinking, because better KLH immunity, and BSA in many experiments as a Blocking reagent, because the animals can produce both of polypeptide antibodies also can produce the carrier protein, so there will be a false positive.