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Analysis service
1. LC-MS inspection
2. HPLC inspection and purification
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Small molecule synthesis
1. Small molecule custom synthesis
2. Small molecule link peptide
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Peptide synthesis
1. Ordinary linear peptide: all kinds of series of ordinary linear peptides, purity up to 99%
2. Long peptide synthesis: adopt unique synthesis method, long peptide synthesis of more than 120 aa sequence…
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Antibody preparation
Antibody is becoming more and more widely in the role of the life science research, has become not only a effective tool for protein identification and location, and has been directly used in the diagnosis …
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Protein expression
KE company has built successfully complete all kinds of protein expression technology platform;
including E.coli expression system, P.pastoris expression system, mammalian cell expression system and Baculovirus expression system.
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