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KE company has built successfully complete all kinds of protein expression technology platform;

including E.coli expression system, P.pastoris expression system, mammalian cell expression system and  Baculovirus expression system.

According to the needs of customers, we provide services ,which includes genes synthesis, carrier construction, gene expression, protein purification, detection and so on . In order to guarantee the quality of protein purification, our company has established strict product quality control system, a set of perfect customer service process and the policy of secrecy, ensuring to provide high quality service to customers. KE company has very rich experience in aspects of optimization genetic codes, design and construction of expression vector, selection of fusion object and tag, the selection of specific protein purification system, the optimization of protein production process, etc.  KE company can meet the personalized requirements of customers.


Service types

1,E.coli expression system,


The whole gene synthesis


The original nucleoprotein expression and purification


2, P.pastoris expression system


The whole gene synthesis


Yeast protein expression and purification


3, Mammalian cell expression system


The whole gene synthesis


The mammalian cells’ expression and purification


4, Baculovirus expression system


The whole gene synthesis


Insect protein expression and purification