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Peptide custom synthesis
1. Ordinary linear peptide: all kinds of series of ordinary linear peptides, purity up to 99%
2. Long peptide synthesis: adopt unique synthesis method, long peptide synthesis of more than 120 aa sequence
3. Directory peptide synthesis: synthetic polypeptide specified directory, provide strong support for your research
4. Cyclic peptide synthesis: RGD ring, double ring, amide bond, three pairs of disulfide bond oxidation cyclic peptide synthesis
5. Peptide modified: biotin, rhodamine, FITC markers; PEG, AMC, phosphorylation, fatty acid modification, etc
6. Including special amino acid peptide: D, isotope labeling of polypeptide amino acid and various kinds of amino acid derivatives, provide accurate MS test report
7. Polypeptide protein coupling: KLH, BSA and OVA coupling
8. The MAP compound antigen peptide: MAP4, MAP8, MAP16 branch
9. All kinds of production: mg to kg
10.All kinds of degree: Crude, desalination, 75%, 80%, 90%, 95%, 98%, 99%
11.Turn all kinds of salt: TFA, CH3COOH, HCL



Service process
1. When you confirm peptide sequence, synthetic quantity, purity, we will soon give the accurate quotation and delivery term
2. Finishing peptide synthesis contract, according to the need to sign a confidentiality agreement
3. We will reply in time in the process of production progress in synthesis of peptides
4. All products must be tested by HPLC and MS before shipment
5. Products in the form of express delivery, our sales staff will remind you to check
6. In the process of preservation and use of peptide, if you have any questions, you can feel free to contact us